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Apply For Reception And Secondary Year 7, LIVERPOOL AUTHORITY

How does this work?

  • You can only apply online for a Primary Reception or Secondary Year 7 place for schools in Liverpool. For all other places please see our Other applications page. (Click link)

  • Once you have created an online applications account, you can apply for up to three schools (your first, second and third preferences).

  • Some schools (mainly faith schools) also ask you to complete additional paper forms that must be sent directly to them.

Step 1

  1. Find the three schools you are interested in.

  2. Read the relevant policies for each school.

  3. If the school has supplementary forms download them, if available. Some schools (mainly faith schools and some academies) require you to send additional forms directly to them.

Step 2

  1. Register and apply online.

  2. Complete and send any supplementary forms directly to the school.

Visit our Get help page for further information about choosing and applying for schools.

This page also has additional documents you may want to read, including the primary and secondary co-ordinated policies which explain how school places are allocated.

Apply for Reception and Secondary Year 7, KNOWSLEY AUTHORITY