Achieving Success Together

What is EYFS?

 Our Classes

We have a large EYFS stage department at Fazakerley Primary School, we currently have over 100 children within our Nursery and Reception classes.

We have a 2 form nursery, which can provide you with sessions in the mornings, afternoons, full days or we will try to work with you to provide the sessions you need.

Our Nursery staff include 3 experienced teachers, Level 3 Learning Support Assistant and an Apprentice Learning Support Assistant. We also mentor teaching students from several universities,  who are fully supervised during their teaching experiences.

Our 2 reception classes are next door to the Nursery, which provides our children with a smooth transition to an area they are already familiar with. 

Reception staff include 2 experienced teachers, 2 Level 3 Learning Support Assistants, Level 2 Learning Support Assistant and we are also fortunate to have an extra Learning Support Assistant who is able to provide intervention activities/strategies to various groups of children throughout the day.




Within our EYFS department we have a large nursery with a separate quiet room and a large conservatory extension.  

Children are encouraged to access all of our continuous provision areas and we support them with these experiences whilst nurturing their learning and development using their own interests.


Within reception we have 2 classrooms, an intervention room and a very large conservatory extension.  This gives us a huge space for the children to investigate and utilise all of our different resources.  Staff follow the children’s interests and each week we provide enhancements to these areas to develop the children’s learning.


We are fortunate that we have a very large area both indoors and outdoors.

Children have fully supervised access to our outdoors area and we use this to support our learning and teaching throughout the year.  Children are given opportunities to develop their own interests and the teaching team then embrace this to encompass the EYFS curriculum.  Examples of activities children enjoy outdoors are:

We love to use the outdoors area as an interesting way of introducing new topics.  Children arrived at Reception recently and found a crime scene, the Community police were attending and teachers were investigating the clues that were left in the playground. We used our observational skills to look, our writing skills to write down the clues and our measuring skills to measure the footprints.