Achieving Success Together


Who’s Who?

At Fazakerley Primary School, we think it’s great for you to know who we are and who might be able to help you with any queries, questions or issues that you may have. Please find below a list of all our staff.


Senior Leadership Team 

Mrs S. Bennett - Head Teacher

Mrs H. Clark - Assistant Head Teacher (Pupil Premium and Maths Lead)

Mrs J. Little - Assistant Head Teacher (Curriculum and English Lead)

Ms S. Heathcote - EYFS Leader

Mr J. Kilburn - Designated Lead Safeguarding Officer and Pastoral Lead


Middle Management Team 

Mrs M. Hill - SENDCo (EYFS & Key Stage One)

Mrs L. Willcox - SENDCo (Key Stage Two)

Miss R. Barber - Key Stage One Phase Manager & Phonics Lead

Miss L. Scilio - Key Stage Two Phase Manager (Maternity Leave)

Mr S. Bristow - Key Stage Two Phase Manager

Mrs J. Sweeting - Early Language Lead

EYFS Team 

Mrs J. Sweeting - Nursery Teacher & Early Language Lead

Mrs M. Hill - Nursery Teacher & EYFS and Key Stage One SENDCo

Mrs A. Rose - Nursery Teacher & MFL Leader

Mrs G. Bracken - Reception Teacher & History Leader

Ms S. Heathcote - Reception Teacher & EYFS Leader

Mr S. Green - EYFS PPA Teacher

Mrs J. Gratton - Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs L. Wright - Learning Support Assistant (Level 3)

Mrs L. Morris - Learning Support Assistant (Level 3)

Mrs M. Holding - Learning Support Assistant (Level 3)

Mrs D. Brown - Cover Supervisor

Ms T. Scott - Learning Support Assistant

Ms M. Bligh - Learning Support Assistant

Ms A. Crilly - Learning Support Assistant - Apprentice


Key Stage One Team

Mrs T. Sinnott - Year One Teacher & Art and Design Leader

Miss R. Barber - Year One Teacher, Phase Manager & Phonics Leader

Miss S. Thomas - Year Two Teacher & Music Leader

Mrs L. Brooks-Davies - Year Two Teacher & R.E Leader

Mrs J. Tyrer - Year Two Teacher & R.E Leader

Mrs J. Spilsbury - HLTA

Mr A. Stirrup - Cover Supervisor

Mrs J. Rice - Cover Supervisor

Miss C. Conway - Cover Supervisor

Miss J. Tyrer - Learning Support Assistant

Miss L. Scahill - Learning Support Assistant


Key Stage Two Team

Mrs L. Willcox - Year Three Teacher & Key Stage Two SENDCo

Mrs K, McCann - Year Three Teacher & PSHE Leader

Mr R. Brooks-Davies - Year Three Teacher & Geography Leader

Mr M. Rankin - Year Four Teacher

Mrs J. Williams - Year Four Teacher & Well-Being Leader

Miss Z. McCallmack - Year Five Teacher

Miss T. Theis - Year Five Teacher & Science Leader

Miss L. Scillio - Teacher & Phase Manager (Maternity Leave)

Mr S. Bristow - Year Six Teacher, Phase Manager & Computing Leader

Mr D. Flesher - Year Six Teacher & Physical Education Leader

Mrs D. Prescott - Key Stage Two PPA Teacher & Design Technology Leader

Miss J. Blundell - Cover Supervisor

Miss G. Cannon - Cover Supervisor

Miss K. Fulton - Cover Supervisor

Mrs R. Ellison - Cover Supervisor (Maternity Leave)

Mrs M. Crookes - Cover Supervisor

Miss C. Wade - Learning Support Assistant


Pastoral Staff

Mrs B. Atherton - Finance Officer

Mrs H. Wheelhouse - Administration Assistant

Mrs K. Laite - Administration Officer

Mrs A. Jacques - Learning Mentor

Mrs N. Dempsey - Learning Mentor 

 Miss A. Kasinos - Attendance Officer


Premises Staff

Mr J. Wildridge - Site Manager


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs C. McCoy - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss H. Nolan - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs L. Mansfield - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S. Parry - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs T. Wade - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss M. Doyle - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs B. Raywood - Lunchtime Supervisor


Extended Services Staff

Mrs B. Gregory - FazKids Afterschool & Holiday Club Manager

Mrs Y. Dacey - FazKids Afterschool & Holiday Club Supervisor

Miss M. Doyle - FazKids Afterschool & Holiday Club Supervisor

 Miss H. Nolan - FazKids Afterschool & Holiday Club Assistant

Miss K. McLean - FazKids Afterschool & Holiday Club Assistant


Breakfast Club

Mrs T. Wade - Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs L. Mansfield - Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs Y. Dacey - Breakfast Club Assistant

Miss A. Crilly - Breakfast Club Assistant

Miss H. Rees - Breakfast Club Assistant


Cleaning Staff 

Mrs S. Parry - Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs J. Rankin - Cleaning Operative

Mrs B. Coppell - Cleaning Operative

Mrs P. Neill - Cleaning Operative

Mrs B. Thomas - Cleaning Operative

Mrs M. Ratcliffe - Cleaning Operative

Mrs A. Glascott - Cleaning Operative

Mrs A. Taylor - Cleaning Operative


Catering Staff (Our catering provider is Absolutely Catering)

Mrs C. Savin  - Catering Manager

Mrs B. Coppell - Catering Assistant

Mrs K. Clark - Catering Assistant