Achieving Success Together
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Reading For Pleasure


We have been looking at different authors in our classes and we would like to show you some of our fantastic pieces of work! Have a look below you might find a new book you would like to read! 


Reception Classes

We have looked at the book 'The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud' by Jane Cabrera. We have read the story and talked about loneliness, we discussed recognising loneliness in others and helping people who are lonely. A few children drew a picture and summarised the story in a sentence or two. We looked at the authors website and used the front covers and pictures to predict what some of her other books will be about. 


Year 1S

The children looked at the author Mini Grey. They read lots of her books and thought about questions they would like to ask her. The questions were:

The children e-mailed their questions (with the help of Mr Stirrup) to Mini Grey and....she responded!

Dear Mr Stirrup and the brave Year 1 Children of Fazakerley Primary School

Thanks for getting in touch, it’s great to hear from you!  I am going to answer your excellent questions. Here we go

1.   What is your favourite animal?

It is the CHEETAH! (They make an incredible chirping noise)

2.   Why did you call your cat Bonzetta?

We got Bonzetta as a kitten with her brother - who we knew we wanted to call Bonzo because he was a very dog-like cat. I wanted Bonzetta to be called the girl-version of Bonzo – so Bonzetta was what happened. Here’s Bonzetta hard at work:

3.   Why do you play with your food?

I LOVE drawing food – it looks so delicious and the colours and shapes are so exciting, and food often looks a bit like something else – like the Bin Things in Traction man meets Turbodog.

4.   Is Bonzetta a boy or a girl?

She is a girl.

5.   What is your favourite children's book?

Of all time it is Finn Family Moomintroll – full of magic and hobgoblin’s hats and hattifatteners.

6.   Why did you stop being a teacher?

I loved the books in my book corner as a teacher and I had an ambition to make one.

7.   Do you know Julia Donaldson?

I have met Julia Donaldson a couple of times, she is very lovely.

8.   How old is Bonzetta?

She is a VERY old cat – she will be 20 this July.

9.   What is your favourite food?

Hula Hoops. And tomatoes.

10. What year group did you teach?

I taught Year 2 and Year 3 a lot, but I’ve taught all the year groups from Nursery to Year 6.

Keep asking those incisive questions, Year One!

With very best wishes from Mini


Year 2B

We have been reading ‘The Enchanted Woods’ by Enid Blyton. The children used the iPads to research Enid Blyton and find out about her life. Then we created information texts about her using Adobe Spark.

Click the links below to see  samples of our work. 


Year 2T

The children have been looking at Enid Blyton and learning about the characters in the enchanted woods. They have written some inormation text. 


Year 3T/BD

Year 3 have been reading the book 'The Finger Eater' by Dick King-Smith. They have created story boards and also a short video. 


Year 4

The children in year 4 used the App ‘Pic Collage’ to promote our chosen author. We decided to choose Susan Gates, the author of books such as ‘Pet Swapping Day’, ‘Fire Bug’ and ‘Raider’! We read one of her all time classics and our favourite – ‘The Lie Detector’ and thought carefully about the messages portrayed. The children enjoyed researching Susan Gates: finding out about her life and her books. We all had a great time combining our love of books and reading with our computing skills.


Year 5B

Click on the link to see what Year 5 have been up to. 


Year 5W


Year 6Sc

R.J. Palacio – Wonder

During our English sessions, we have been developing our comprehension skills using the ‘Roll On The Wall’ activity. This has enabled the children to think about the main character in lots of different ways. We used different approaches to thinking: ‘What I know’, ‘What I think I know’ and ‘What I would like to know’ which developed the children’s skills of inference and supported their ability to draw upon evidence from the text to support ideas. The children have enjoyed looking at the character in this way and managed to get a lot from just the first chapter ‘Ordinary’ – this automatically increased interest and enjoyment in the book. We have then used these practical activities to support independent work when answering comprehension questions related to ‘Wonder’.

Also, we have engaged in research activities to develop an understanding of the author. We focussed on understanding her influences for such a successful story – what her life was like, who/what influenced her ideas to create the story. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this and found it useful to understand Palacio’s purpose for writing and how this is important for their own future writing too.

During our studies we have worked hard to showcase all of our learning and ideas. Year 6 have particularly enjoyed contributing to our fantastic ‘Working Wall’ which summarises key learning from our sessions so far. As we have enjoyed it so much we have compiled all of our learning when creating our iBook – we have enjoyed creating this and hope all of our research and knowledge can help to teach others about the author and this wonderful book. We cannot wait to continue reading the end of this story and hopefully… we may even get to watch the film influenced by Palacio’s ‘Wonder’!