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Liverpool Counts Quality Mark

Liverpool Counts Quality Mark


The Liverpool Counts Quality Mark is part of a varied programme of strategies targeted at improving maths results for the city’s children.

The specific remit of the Quality Mark is to tackle the negative attitudes towards numeracy and mathematics which are prevalent in many areas of our society.

We aim to challenge these widely held views and promote a culture where people readily understand the impact good numeracy skills and mathematics qualifications can have on the social, financial, health and employment aspects of their lives.

We also aim to support teachers and other adults in our schools to encourage pupils to make connections in their numeracy and mathematics lessons to real life contexts and with other areas of their school experiences.


Making a difference from day one: Top Tips

  • Be aware of what you say about maths, especially around children.

  • Challenge ANYONE that you hear making negative comments about maths.

  • Any time you hear celebrities in the media saying that they ‘can’t do maths’, or making negative comments about maths, discuss it with children.

  • Share your own enjoyment of maths and highlight when you have used it in everyday life.

  • Dispel the myth that there is a maths gene and that only a few people can be good at maths.

  • Praise effort with maths not just achievement!