What pupils say

What do our pupils have to say?

We like to know what our children think so we carry out regular surveys to make sure they are happy in school, what they like the most and if, at all, there is anything that we can change to make THEIR school better. Below are some of the comments from our latest pupil survey.

(January 2016)

” I tell the teacher if I am worried in school. They help me”

” I know I have been successful because our teachers mark our books fairly”

” When I am stuck, the teachers give me steps to success”

” When I am stuck with my work, I can go to the help desk in our classroom and look for resources to help me”

” I like lesson time as if you didn’t learn you wouldn’t get anywhere in life”

” The teachers in my school are kind, caring, friendly and helpful”

” The teachers are there to help you always and at all times”

” I am gritty and never give up”

” My least favourite part of the day is going home”

” When things go wrong they are dealt with very fairly “

” I love the teachers in our school. They are kind and helpful. Thank you “

” The adults help us with our friendships “

” Our school is fabulous, amazing and fantastic “

” The teachers make me feel safe as I know I can trust them “

” I feel I am taught well and that I am cared for “

” If I am worried I put my worries in the worry box “

” I feel proud to be a pupil at Fazakerley Primary School “

” It is important to Mrs Carter that we look after our school and everyone in it “

” Fazakerley Primary is a unique place to be “

” We learn to keep safe on-line. Don’t talk to strangers, give out our passwords or share pictures “


(July 2015)

“School is my favourite place to be. It helps me to read and write and be clever.”

“I like the nice things in the classroom. I like the playtimes and assemblies”

“I want to work hard and be able to do my SATs”

“I have good friends and teachers”

“I love my lessons and my teacher”

“You get to learn stuff- my teacher said today that we could go into the ICT suite and sometimes we even get to wear our own clothes in school. On Roman Day we got to dress up like in a Roman School. It was the best thing ever!”

“The teachers are very kind and I love the work. I get to see all of my friends in class and at playtime.”

“I like school because it is fun and it makes me do hard work so I can be grown up!”

“It is my favourite place to be!”

“I like to have choosing time, phonics, numeracy, fruit time and dinner time.”

“I love the pancakes, toast and juice days.”

“The teachers are kind and make you feel safe.”

“I love learning and progressing.”