Our school has a team of children called ‘BullyBusters’ that monitor the yard at break and lunch times. They organise and play games with groups of children, encouraging and including all to take part. Sometimes children find it hard to ask an adult when they have no one to play with, so having BullyBusters there ensures no child is alone. BullyBusters wear high visibility vests so all children can recognise who they are. They also carry a book to note down anything they feel needs to be raised at their next meeting. The team meets once a week and discusses any issues that they have noticed or that have been brought to their attention.  In addition, they learn new games that they can take back to the yard to play and share with their peers.

If you ever need to talk to someone about a worry… Childline could help. It’s free and you don’t have to tell anyone who you are or where you are from…


Child Line is a free helpline for children and young people in the UK.

Tel: 0800 1111




A Merseyside based

Anti Bullying Project.

Tel: 0800 169 6928

Who are BullyBusters?

BullyBusters is a Merseyside based Anti Bullying Project.

You can phone with a bullying issue and they can give you some helpful tips so you can try and stop the bullying from happening. If you would like, they can contact the adults in the place where the bullying is happening and let them know what is going on so they can put a stop to it! It is free to call and will not show up on your phone bill, mobile phones do charge but if you have your number handy they can call you straight back.

Please don’t suffer in silence. Call 0800 169 6928. Lines are open Monday Friday, 3.00pm 6.00pm if you would like a chat, or you can email them on BBusters@localsolutions.org.uk

What is Bullying?

Bullying is something that can hurt you on the inside or on the outside. It hurts you on the outside by hitting you and hurting you physically. It hurts you on the inside by name calling, skitting and hurting your feelings. It is done on purpose, it’s not an accident. If someone hurts you during a game by accident this is not bullying, but if every time you played a game they hurt you, or your feelings, this would be bullying.

Bullying happens more than once, the bully/s do it over and over and over again and they take away your self esteem and confidence.

Almost everyone will be affected by bullying during their life, this can be as a child or young person, or it can happen as an adult in work or even as an elderly person in the community. Nobody deserves to be bullied. EVER.

BullyBusters Message

There are lots of people to help stop bullying, Teachers, Youth Workers, Parents/Carers and of course BullyBusters, but the only people who are really going to make a difference is you!

What you can do?

Never put yourself in danger. If you see someone fighting or arguing never step in to stop it, this could end up in you being hurt, but do get help. Don’t stand and watch; this just encourages the bully even more because you are giving them an audience.

Tell a person you trust what you have seen happen; Write it down, saying the four W’s: WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN. Hand it to a teacher and allow them to deal with it.

Approach the person who is being bullied and ask them if they are ok; by doing this you are supporting the person and showing them that you do care. You are also showing the bully that what they are doing is wrong without getting involved in an argument.

If you are friends with the bully ask them to leave them alone; bullies aren’t always nasty to everyone, you might feel a friend of yours is doing the wrong thing and you should be able to tell them they are wrong.

REMEMBER: BullyBusters can give you the best advice to help a person who is being bullied, if you know someone who is being bullied ring them for a chat on 0800 169 6928.

REMEMBER: We have pupils who act as BullyBusters, feel free to talk to them at any time if you feel upset or worried about bullying. They have meetings with a trusted adult in school and can help you! Look at our display to find out who our BullyBusters are! There is one in each class in Key Stage 2.