What People Say



These quotes are taken from the parent’s questionnaire March 2015

“Fazakerley Primary is more than a school. If I have problems with anything I know I can call in and get the help and support. It’s not just a place for my children to attend and learn, it’s a place where I get advice and help.”

“They are very helpful and polite to parents. If there is a problem they sort it.”

“I went here. A lovely school then and now.”

“The progress my son has made is great, I like the information they share.”

“Teachers and the Head Teacher can be seen on the yard every morning and is always available.”

“They will do anything to help reassure both myself and my child when we are unsure of how to progress and help where ever they can. All four of my children have attended Fazakerley Primary.”

“Since moving to this school my daughter has been so much happier. Staff are very friendly and engaging with parents. I like the after school activities available too.”

“The way my children are pushed to be the best that they can be and also the help that is on hand when it’s required.”

“The children look after each other and it is very easy to speak to the teacher.”

“Friendly staff, great play area, good before and after school clubs.”

“This school has helped both my children settle in Liverpool, it has brought out their confidence.”

“There’s a real family vibe, very high standards and continually trying to improve.”

“My child is continuously made to feel proud about the work that they have done.”

“My child gets help with the things he struggles with and is well supported.”

“I love the staff and the fact that my child is happy. If my child is happy then I am happy. The school is doing a great job.”

“After school clubs are excellent as I work and know that my child is being looked after well.”

“My son is always getting the help that he needs and loves all of the teachers.”

“I like the way how my child is progressing throughout the years.”

“My child is really happy and settled here. I love how friendly the school and teachers are.”

“The extra help is brilliant at this school.”

“Kind and friendly staff, easy to talk to and always available.”


These quotes are taken from the parent’s questionnaire November 2013.

“All the staff are so welcoming and caring. They help in every way possible to provide the best for my son.”

“The teachers are very enthusiastic and always teach fun and exciting lessons.”

“When my daughter had issues with her maths work, her teacher was there to help.”

“It’s like one big happy family, that everyone in the community feels a part of.”

“I like that my child’s needs are catered for and the school really supports me with this.”

“The school is a friendly place and my child is progressing well.”

“I like that the school has made my child come out of her shell”

“My children love school, they enjoy after school clubs and general day to day lessons. I really feel settled because I know they are.”

“My daughter’s progress is noticed and encouraged. She seems to enjoy school and her reading is always improving”

“If you have a problem, the teachers and head are straight onto it and help in every way.”

“My child has gained confidence and has made good progress; therefore, I believe the school is doing well in helping to achieve this.”

“The Nursery is excellent! My daughter has made great strides in the 6 months that she has attended. I could not be happier with the way that she is treated and looked after and the teachers are exceptional.”

“The anti-racial and anti-bullying policies are well managed and the children are well looked after.”

“I like the close knit community feeling that the school provides.”

“My child is happy, growing in many aspects. A great environment; good communication; wonderful events.”

“It is very family orientated. It’s like a little community!”

There’s a very caring atmosphere!”

“I like the familiarity. The teachers are always approachable and friendly. You can always turn to Mrs C for help and advice.”

“I like how they take the time to listen to the children.”

“The fantastic teachers who really care about my child’s education and well-being. Thank you for all of your hard work.”

“The staff are kind and polite and you can approach them at all times.”