On-Line Safety

What is eSafety?

eSafetyElectronic Safety – the Safe and Responsible use of Technology

eSafety promotes the safe use of information systems and electronic communications. eSafety encompasses not only Internet technologies but also electronic communications via mobile phones, games consoles and all sorts of wireless technologies.

Our current eSafety Policy: Fazakerley Primary School eSafety Policy

Our e-Safety Policy has been written by the school, building on that proposed by the BECTA e-Safety Policy and government guidance. It has been agreed by senior management and approved by governors.

Why is eSafety Important?

We live in a digital age where technology is playing an ever increasing part in our lives. Technology is changing the way we do things both inside and outside of school. Although we recognise the benefits of technology, we must also be aware of any potential risks and ensure that all governors, staff, pupils, parents/carers and the wider community associated with the school are able to use technology in a safe and responsible manner.

We take eSafety very seriously at Fazakerley Primary School. Our aim is to encourage all children to understand the huge benefits of using the Internet, whilst also highlighting any possible risks they may encounter and how to deal with them. Our children are surrounded by eSafety reminders in school: advice on any networked PC’s desktop, by displays and posters, on mouse mats and even poems written by the children themselves! We have regular eSafety presentations delivered by expert staff from Fazakerley High School, as well as taking part in annual ‘Safer Internet Days’ and addressing eSafety in discrete ICT lessons, in PSHE sessions and across the curriculum as well!

Take a look at an example of our eSafety displays and visual aids and some of the work our children have produced:

Look carefully to see what the large acrostic eSafety poem reminds our pupils to do… Each line of the poem was written by a Year 5 or 6 pupil who won the prize of their work being displayed permanently by the votes of their peers. Here you see what our pupils considered to be the most effective eSafety visual resource. You can also see examples of our pupil’s own eSafety acrostic poems next to every monitor in this computer suite. They also act as an important reminder of how to stay safe online…Zooming in further still, to the lower right of each monitor is a ZIP IT‘, ‘BLOCK IT‘, ‘FLAG IT‘ logo! Even the mouse mats display advice and tips!’

Y6 eSafety Poster eSafety poem Y6 GM eSafety poem Y6 LD ZIP IT, BLOCK IT, FLAG IT!

Here are the eSafety documents we ask our parents/carers and pupils to sign at the start of each academic year. They outline our eSafety rules and act as contracts for sensible and responsible ICT use. EYFSNursery and Reception children, KS1Years 1 and 2, KS2Years 3,4,5&6.

FPS Parental Consent Letter eSafety EYFS FPS Pupil eSafety Rules EYFS
FPS Parent/Carer eSafety Letter KS1 and 2 FPS Pupil eSafety Rules KS1
FPS eSafety Parent/Carer and Pupil Contract and Consent KS2 FPS Pupil eSafety Rules KS2


PUPILS! Click on the links below to learn more about eSafety and play these fun games!


http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/5_7/LeeandKim/ For 5-7 year olds!


http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/8_10/cybercafe/Cyber-Cafe-Base/ For 8-10 year olds!



PARENTS/CARERS! Use these links to learn more about keeping your children safe on the Internet:


http://www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/ – CEOP: Helping Children Stay Safe Online









LSCB CSE leaflet for parents and carers 17.02.14[1]


Keeping Safe on the Internet leaflets