In School

Who’s Who?

At Fazakerley Primary School, we think it’s great for you to know who we are and who might be able to help you with any queries, questions or issues that you may have. Please find below a list of all our staff.


Senior Leadership Team  
Mrs J. Carter Head Teacher
Mrs S. Bennett Deputy Head Teacher
Mr J. Kilburn Lead Safeguarding Officer, Pastoral, Attendance, Behaviour, Extended Services, ICT
Mrs G. Bracken EYFS Leader, Phonics
Miss J. Stewart Key Stage One Leader, English
Mrs H. Clark Key Stage Two Leader, Maths
Middle Management Team  
Mrs M. Hill SENDCo (EYFS & Key Stage One)
Mrs L. Willcox SENDCo (Key Stage Two)
EYFS Team  
Mrs G. Bracken EYFS Leader & Nursery Teacher
Mrs M. Hill SENDCo (EYFS & Key Stage One) & Nursery Teacher
Mr S. Green Nursery Teacher
Mrs J. Gratton Reception Teacher
Mrs T. Sinnott Reception Teacher
Mrs J. Spilsbury Learning Support Assistant (Level 3)
Mrs L. Wright Learning Support Assistant (Level 3)
Mrs M. Holding Learning Support Assistant (Level 3)
Ms T. Scott Learning Support Assistant
Ms M. Bligh Learning Support Assistant (Apprentice)
Key Stage One Team
Miss Stewart  Key Stage One Leader & Year One Teacher
Mrs A. Rose Year One Teacher
Miss S. Thomas Year Two Teacher
Miss R. Barber Year Two Teacher
Mrs K. McCann Key Stage One PPA Teacher
Miss J. Tyrer Learning Support Assistant
Miss L. Scahill Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D. Brown Cover Supervisor
Mrs J. Rice Cover Supervisor
Miss C. Conway Cover Supervisor (Maternity)
Mr A. Stirrup Cover Supervisor
Mrs L. Morris Learning Support Assistant (Level 3)
Key Stage Two Team
Mrs H. Clark Key Stage Two Leader & PPA Teacher
Mrs L. Brooks-Davies Year Three Teacher
Mrs J. Williams Year Three Teacher (Maternity)
Mrs J. Tyrer Year Three Teacher
Ms L. Stafford Year Three Teacher
Mr D. Flesher Year Four Teacher
Mr R. Brooks-Davies Year Four Teacher
Mr S. Bristow Year Five Teacher
Mrs L. Willcox SENDCo (Key Stage Two) & Year Five Teacher
Miss L. Scillio Year Six Teacher
Mr A. Snell Year Six Teacher
Miss J. Blundell Learning Support Assistant
Miss G. Cannon Cover Supervisor
Miss K. Fulton Cover Supervisor
Mrs R. Ellison Cover Supervisor
Mrs A. Pickett Cover Supervisor
Pastoral Staff
Mrs B. Atherton Finance Officer
Mrs H. Wheelhouse Administration Assistant
Mrs K. Laite Administration Officer
Mr A. Jago Pastoral Officer
Mrs A. Jacques Learning Mentor
Premises Staff
Mr J. Wildridge Site Manager
Lunchtime Staff
Mrs C. McCoy Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss H. Nolan Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss K. McLean Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L. Mansfield Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M. Jones Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S. Parry Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T. Wade Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss M. Doyle Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B. Raywood Lunchtime Supervisor
Extended Services Staff
Mrs B. Gregory FazKids Afterschool & Holiday Club Manager
Mrs Y. Dacey FazKids Afterschool & Holiday Club Supervisor
Miss M. Doyle FazKids Afterschool & Holiday Club Supervisor
 Miss H. Nolan FazKids Afterschool & Holiday Club Assistant
Miss K. McLean FazKids Afterschool & Holiday Club Assistant
Breakfast Club
Mrs A. Jacques Learning Mentor & Breakfast Club
Mr A. Jago Pastoral Officer & Breakfast Club
Mrs T. Wells Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs L. Mansfield Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs Y. Dacey Breakfast Club Assistant
 Miss M. Bligh Breakfast Club Assistant
Cleaning Staff  
Mrs S. Parry Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs J. Rankin Cleaning Operative
Mrs B. Coppell Cleaning Operative
Mrs P. Neill Cleaning Operative
Mrs B. Thomas Cleaning Operative
Mrs M. Ratcliffe Cleaning Operative
Mrs A. Glascott Cleaning Operative
Mrs A. Taylor Cleaning Operative
Catering Staff  (Our catering provider is Absolutely Catering)
Mrs K. Porter Catering Manager
Mrs B. Coppell Catering Assistant
Mrs L. Charlton Catering Assistant