2013– 2014

The Pupil Premium is money given to school from the government in order to raise standards further in education. The funding is in addition to the main school funding. It is calculated based on the number of children receiving free school meals. The premium can be spent how the school decides and must ensure that standards are raised as a result of the spending.

ACADEMIC YEAR 2013– 2014

Pupil Premium Allocation covering the period 2013-2014 is £160.104. This will continue to support such items as:

  • Additional specialist support
    • Psychotherapist
    • EAL teacher
    • SENNIS screening of pupils as required.
  • Extra tuition for pupils in Years 2, 3 and 6 delivered by both teachers and support staff
  • Intervention support staff for Year 2 and 3
  • Partial funding of support staff across Key Stage 1 and 2
  • Learning Mentor for whole school impacting on attendance, attainment and well being
  • EP Screening
  • Books and additional resources
  • Fully funded or partly funded, extracurricular activities
  • Funding of Theme Weeks and enhancement days
  • Subsidising the cost of Activities Week for Year 6 and trips throughout the year
  • Subsidising attendance of Breakfast Club and After School Club
  • Partial funding of an Extended Services Manager who liaises closely with the learning mentor, developing links with hard to reach families, support services, leading towards the removal of barriers to learning.

Additional intervention support will also make available to a range of other underachieving or SEN pupils. We are equally aware that the environment that our children work and play in is very important and a lot of time and money has been invested to ensure that the classrooms and grounds are conducive to learning, and that all of our children are safe, secure and enjoying their time in school. We will continue to support individual families and children with links to external agencies and help where needed.
Our SATs results are a good indicator of the impact these intervention have made:

Subject Level 4+ Level 5
Reading 92 % 44%
Writing 92 % 25%
Maths 89 % 36%

We are also in receipt of PE funding, offered to all schools, as part of the Olympic Legacy to promote PE and healthy lifestyles. The allocation covering the period 2013-14 is £5,671. We use this funding to offer such activities as:

  • Swimming lessons for all Year 4 and Year 5 children
  • The employment of a PE specialist  from the Local Authority for 1 day a week to work with all classes to raise PE skills and provide CPD for staff
  • Run a healthy Lifestyle club after school focusing on KS2 girls.