The Arts

We feel that through the Arts, our children are able to develop socially and spiritually. Our curriculum is designed to promote creativity; Music, Drama, Art and Dance are all ways in which our children can express themselves and develop key skills for life. Through Art, we teach our children about a variety of artists – we evaluate the artist’s work and how theirs and our own ideas developed. We link our Art work to other cultures, designing and creating using other cultures as a stimulus. We encourage our children to develop confidence and drama plays an integral part of our curriculum. We hold performances twice a year so that as many children as possible can experience the excitement of working together on a project; acting, singing and dancing in front of an audience. Some of the productions over the years include: ‘Jungle Book’, ‘Snow White’, ‘Scrooge’, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Oliver’ to name just a few. We are registered to ‘Sing Up’ which allows us to link songs to all areas of our curriculum; we sing regularly in class and perform in assemblies. Have a look at some of our photographs showing the amazing talent we have- maybe have a listen to our beautiful voices!

Year 6 – Creating Music

Year 5 – Art

During Art Week 2014 our Key Stage Two children designed and sprayed a Graffiti mural on one of our external walls.

Year One – During Art Week children have been making string balloons.

Nursery and Reception – Drawing flowers and using our mark making wall.

T-Shirt printing and design.

Printing and using paints.


During our Art and Design lessons we have been looking at lots of different artist and techniques. We used the new techniques we have learnt to create our own self-portraits. We used collage to create texture before painting and using coloured markers to add skin tones and features. We are very proud of our creations!