Our Vision

Our curriculum reflects what we believe the needs of our children to be; to understand the world in which they live and contribute to the future of their city. We want our children’s experiences to be relevant, real and purposeful; enhanced through trips and visitors bringing the learning to life. We aim for the key skills to be embedded across the whole of the curriculum, with each topic or theme including memorable, meaningful moments.

We believe in child-initiated learning and creating opportunities for children to make and build links in their experiences in school. We teach through topics to ensure that the experiences are enjoyable, motivating and engaging as well as ensuring that skills are transferable, for example using Numeracy skills in Science or Literacy skills in History.

We believe in educating the whole child; ensuring social, moral, cultural and spiritual development is reflected and developed. We teach our children to be kind and caring, to listen to and respect each other, to show empathy towards others and understanding. We place huge emphasis upon these essential life skills within our school.


The revised National Curriculum is significantly impacting upon the teaching and learning experiences of our children. There are raised expectations, which lead to greater challenge and ambition within the children. More emphasis is now placed upon the acquisition and application of the basic skills.

To reflect the needs of the curriculum, we now deliver discrete lessons in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, additional Guided Reading lessons, Phonics and additional Maths ‘Basic Skills’ lessons. The new ‘Mastery Curriculum’ emphasises the need for children to have thorough, well embedded understanding with an ability to apply their knowledge and skills. This can be seen on our long term curriculum maps, where we have planned for the children to apply those skills learnt in other areas of the curriculum in a range of situations.

The old National Curriculum levels, as such, no longer exist and we now have the National Standards, against which we measure children’s progress and attainment. Schools are being encouraged to adopt systems suitable to the needs of their school. Currently we are working alongside the local authority and the city’s Assessment Lead, as part of a project team, creating a system for assessment. We are working alongside local schools and city-wide schools in order to ensure that judgements are consistent.

When reporting to parents, either through parent’s evening or through the end of year report, our children will be identified as working either at the expected level, below or above.


The National Curriculum